Via di Cupo snc, 50041 Le Croci di Calenzano (Fi)
339.6593837 334.7077707

Passeggiate a cavallo

Da noi puoi rilassarti e riposarti ma puoi anche scegliere numerose attività da svolgere all’aria aperta


  • Miriam Brahm Posted 3 Settembre 2020 9:44

    My Name is Miriam, i just stay a few days more in Calenzano. The Owner of our house gave me your contact. So my question is, is it possible to do a day trip our just a few hourse to see the wonderful nature? I have two horses in Germany so i am not a beginner

    Hopefully it works ❤️

    Pls contact me about email or whats app

    Have a great day

    • admin Posted 4 Settembre 2020 8:53

      Dear Miriam

      Thank you for your message.
      We kindly ask you to contact us by phone at -. 334 7077707 , Silvia

      Kind regards
      Silvia Dobre

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